Anemes Hotel – Kythera – Greece

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Wedding in Kythira- Wedding at Anemes

Wedding in Kythira: The Island of the Heavenly Aphrodite,  the Goddess of Love.

Avlemonas: A small, picturesque village, the ideal choice for any wedding.

Wedding in Kythira, Avlemonas, Anemes Hotel: Which couple could we  remember? 
B. and N., D. and M. for this year, M. and H. for the previous year? 
The archaeologist and her favorite Scotsman who met the excavations at Ai Giorgis in the Mountain?

We always send our love to those  who have chosen our Hotel to accommodate 
their first night of marriage or the first week of their lives.
All our wishes for a life as you have dreamed of!
If you have not yet dared it, but you think it, we can help you do it.

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