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Katouni Bridge

Katouni Bridge and School of Milapidea

The most beautiful time  to visit  Kythera is spring.

If you  like to walk around the Island,  explore it and   see its  hidden secrets, come among  spring.


Katouni Bridge

A very nice   idea to start  the exploration is the stone bridge of Katouni, in Livadi, one of the largest in Greece,  built in 1826, during the British nomination. The bridge was constructed based on plans drawn up by the British High Commissioner, the engineer Macphail and  should connect the capital city of Kythera to the port of Avlemonas.

According to a legend, the bridge was built so resistant because the British commissioner Macphail had fallen in love with a young girl living in the Katouni settlement and he wanted to find a way to see her often.


The School of Milapidea

The School of Milapidea

Not so far from the Katouni Bridge there is the School of Milapidea. The building  is in  excellent condition.  It was built in 1825 by the British commissioner, and engineer Macphail. The project was part of the overall organization of public education.  The students were between 5 and 15 years old. Elementary education was based on the modern pedagogical method of the time, the monitorial method.  According to this method, the older students taught the younger ones.

The Scool of Milapidea (2)

The building  has a domed roof and  gothic-style windows with limestone frames and above the entrance one can see a marble tablet with an inscription with information about its construction.

The School of Milapidea (inside)

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