Anemes Hotel – Kythera – Greece

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Wedding in Kythira- Wedding at Anemes

Wedding in Kythira: The Island of the Heavenly Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Avlemonas: A small, picturesque village, the ideal choice for any wedding. Wedding in Kythira, Avlemonas, Anemes Hotel: Which couple could we remember? B. and N., D. and M. for this year, M. and H. for the previous[…]

Kythira: nice and peaceful

The most beautiful part of the work of those involved in tourism is that they meet new people. A couple that we really enjoyed staying at Anemes Hotel were Mr. C. and Mrs. B. Thank you very much for the detailed and excellent article that they wrote about our Island.[…]

Pool of Avlemonas

Guardian: Is Kythira the perfect Greek island?

Andrew Bostock has spent much of his life living in and writing guidebooks on Greece but in Kythira – with its gorges, waterfalls and perfect beaches – he’s finally found the idyll he has always dreamed of. In my 30-year hunt to find the perfect Greek island, I’ve visited around[…]