Anemes Hotel – Kythera – Greece


In the east of Kythera, lies along the coast line Avlemonas, the most beautiful seaside, with picturesque little gulfs, village of Kythera and also one of the most beautiful fishing villages of the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can find little taverns with delicious food, fresh lobsters and fish, café-bars with sea view, mini markets for your needs, parking spaces at the back of the village and a lot of peace since cars are not allowed in the main street of Avlemonas.

During your visit the village do not miss to visit Castelo, a venetian fort with 14 arches, very well preserved. In the sea near the fort, happened the wreck of Mentoras, the ship with the Parthenon Marbles that Lord Elgin stole. During your promenade in the village, you will see the Cavalini mansion with the famous solar clock and the little guard house which visitors frequently think it is a small church. Heading to the Palaiopoli seaside, the biggest seaside of the Island you will see the salt –pits and near the site asprogas, the clambered Mycenaean tombs curved in the rocks. On the top of hill there is the throne of Aphrodite, as the locals, call it.