Anemes Hotel – Kythera – Greece

TOP 10 in Avlemonas

  1. Have a night swim with full moon in the “swimming pool” of the village.
  2. Climb up St George through the path to admire the endless view (hat, water but not at noon).
  3. Walk around the little stone paths from Castelo down to the Down little port and the Lighthouse, holding your mate hand by hand (you will surely fall in laove again)
  4. Fishing with a rod on the rocks of the area because the calmness of the sea, relaxes us.
  5. A boat trip to the nearby seasides and caves, always upon agreement with a fisherman.
  6. We help a salt-pit worker with his work because holidays are not only nice places but also new experiences.
  7. You have to visit the Throne of Aphrodite and sit on it, because all of us want to feel as gods and goddesses sometime. Do not forget to offer a heart-shaped pebble.
  8. Do not miss the lobster spaghetti, as it is not permitted to have come to Avlemonas and not having tasted the must of the place.
  9. After the lobster spaghetti, it is necessary to have coffee or drink at the cafes of the village, listening to the music of the waves.
  10. The last one is for strong “players” and new. The Avlemonas-Diakofti path of 2-3 hours walking, surely with company. The beauty of the sea and the Dragonares view will definitely reward you.