Anemes Hotel – Kythera – Greece

Kythera TOP 10

  1. Dive, at noon, in the clear and peaceful blue waters of the Chytra Cave.
  2. Visit the Neraida (Fairy) Waterfalls and the cave of St Sophia at Mylopotamos.
  3. Is it Sunday? You must have coffee ot Potamos and buy coarse salt, honey, fruit and oil rusks.
  4. Walk around the narrow streets and the Castle of Chora.
  5. Walk the Tsakonas gorge at Mitata and ask the locals to take you to the street with the shell fossils. Do not forget Aphrodite’s  breasts, the tasty apple-peaches that are produced only there.
  6. Visit a honey apiary to see with your own eyes, how honey is produced.
  7. Do not forget the hidden treasure of Kythera, the villages in the inner part of the island. Discover them and they will reward you.
  8. More than 300 churches and country churches. You choose which you will see and which you will leave.
  9. You should definitely swim in Diakofti, the Kythera Hawai.
  10. Do not leave without really knowing us: have food with us and dance our dances at our festivities.